The Story of a Sounder

    Sounder is the term for a group of Feral Hogs. They normally consist of 2 or more sows (female hogs) and their offspring. Boars tend to be nomadic except during mating season when they will travel their territories from sounder to sounder to reproduce. A single sounder could have a territory of 5,000 to 70,000 acres; the larger the sounder, the larger the area. Sows can have 2 litters per year with 2 to 4 piglets per litter. The average hog lives up to 8 years. This can accumulate quickly if left to their own devices and given the opportunity. 

Why are feral hogs such a big deal? 

    Here's the quick answer: 1)feral hogs compete directly with livestock, 2) they cause habitat distraction, 3) and they cause millions of dollars of property and crop damage. 

What can we do? 

   C.W. Texas Natural Meats, LLC is expanding its market to not only buy trapped feral hogs but also to trap them ourselves.  

What's the catch? 

   Farmers/Ranchers are given hog free land, security for their property: (beyond just hog destruction) like poachers, trespassers, or rustlers; and credit for the flavor of the hogs we collect from their property. Our method is safe, USDA approved, and effortless for the land owners.